Like in other parts of the world, in Estonia, too, more and more women are creating their businesses.

Today, a record number of new women-owned businesses are founded every day.

We take back our freedom and authenticity by choosing the entrepreneurial journey.

We say:

“I am ready to achieve true freedom and become my own boss.”



We often find ourselves trapped in time, pursuing a never-ending cycle of making more money. Time is our most valuable asset, and we should strive to spend it wisely. Let’s focus on creating a balanced life where we can enjoy the present moment while working towards our financial goals.

As many as 72% of Estonian women entrepreneurs are self-employed.

We do everything ourselves in our company. We are overwhelmed and burnt out.

We feel inadequate and don’t see opportunities to delegate because we lack the time or money to hire new people.

The hoped-for freedom and time spent with loved ones have been replaced by guilt-filled overtime at the expense of yourself and your family.

Wouldn’t it be great if generating money through your own business was easy?

Doing more work is not the solution to your problem.

Change starts with your THINKING

Who is the mentor program for?

  • ambitious women who seek true freedom and a meaningful life.

  • women are ready to raise their entrepreneurial careers and life to a new level.

  • women who consciously surround themselves with a positive and supportive network.

  • women who also want to show their children that life can be enjoyable, prosperous, and meaningful.

  • women who are committed to developing themselves and their businesses.

Feeling stuck can be frustrating. But remember, it’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective or a new approach to get unstuck and move forward. Feel free to reach out for support when you need it. Are you looking for the missing piece of the puzzle that would help you grow your income faster without burning you out and stressing you out?

You may have a heavy workload but need to hire additional help. Growth seems impossible for you in this case.

Maybe you are a part-time entrepreneur on the side of paid work, but you want to become a full-time entrepreneur. However, you fear that you won’t earn enough to support yourself financially.

Are you tired of low turnover rates? It may be time to consider requesting a higher turnover rate. After all, you’ve been wanting it for quite some time —six figures?! – but the dams seem to stand still, and there is no way to increase it.

As an entrepreneur, asking for money is essential to survive, but it has been difficult for me to do so. With her direct, consistent, and specific questions, Liina helped me find the answers deep inside me and the core of why I strongly resist sales. Today, I understand where these limits come from. I know why I avoid certain things in my business and life, but for Liina, I can make conscious choices based on self-worth and what direction I want”

Kristel Lankots, Chococoo šokolaadikoda

Money, money, money—who doesn’t want a lot of money? But Liina asks, how much money is enough for you? So what will change in your life? Do you value yourself enough already today? Yes, Liina can open up your closed or limited way of thinking regarding money and building self-confidence. Talking about these topics pushes your boundaries, but this way, you can better heal this hidden wound. Being aware and assertive of her visions, Liina is one of the few coaches who can create value for me! Best of the best! Yes, I love hearty walking meetings, especially when you have a hearty conversation partner next to you. Best of the best! “

Signe Ventsel, Brandmoon OÜ

“Liina is an excellent coach who goes deep with questions and shows you in your situation that every problem has a solution. Liina’s coaching is engaging, active, and practical, which helps raise the level of well-being even for people who are already very well-off. Every person should go through such training.”

Kirti Kooser, Be More Superfoods

“What I appreciate most about Liina is her concreteness and directness, broad horizons and intelligence, and life experience. Liina can ask questions at the right time in coaching; she knows how to ask just the right questions. Often, the question is so uncomfortable that you want to avoid answering it immediately. However, this shows that the question hit the right spot. Liina’s warmth and kindness will help you find the right answers for yourself. Liina helped me find the places to be discovered and put in order at this stage of my life. Liina’s coaching also helped me to understand if I am on the right track and if my plan needs to be adjusted.”

Robert Sarv, Advokaadibüroo Emerald Legal

“Liina was my first choice from the day we started working together. Why?

Thanks to her strong business instincts and rich marketing experience, I don’t know anyone else who could have guided me better in discovering my uniqueness than Liina. Liina always asks the right questions and offers valuable advice on personal strengths, branding, finding ideal clients, and successful positioning.

If you are looking for a reliable, moderately priced partner with whom you can achieve tangible results, Liina is the right person to turn to.”

Maja Arsic, Coach ja koolitaja , Saksamaa

4-month long mentoring program


$999/month, for 4 months
  • 3h virtual workshop
  • 6 x business training sessions (1h)
  • 6 x mindset sessions (1h)


$1450/month, for 4 months
  • all as in “Basic” package +
  • 3 x 3h virtual mastermind meetings
  • 4 x 1 to 1 coaching sessions with Liina

* At each meeting, we discuss specific topics and reveal deeper blocks. We cover a range of issues that may hinder you from achieving your desired results. These topics include confident selling and influencing, leadership and the culture within your company, the mindset of the wealthy and managing finances, maintaining a healthy work-life balance (including family relationships), delegation and system building, business scaling, and ultimately achieving entrepreneurial freedom.

Meet a mentor

My mission is to normalize creating wealth as a woman through entrepreneurship with joy and ease. We don’t have to compromise ourselves and our families to live a meaningful life and create a better lifestyle and wealth.

Money and business success are not the only things in the world, but throughout the ages, women have created more good with money. We can make more excellent value and do more good with money, enjoying the process ourselves. This is my way of “saving” the world, one female entrepreneur at a time.

  • 14 years of business experience in various fields

  • real estate investor and developer with her husband

  • mother of 3 children

  • self-made millionaire

  • “One of the ten most influential and entrepreneurial women in Estonia” –

What do other entrepreneurs say about cooperation with Liina?

“The money beliefs workshop benefited me, and Liina conducted it engagingly.

I like Liina’s directness and courage to push people’s “buttons” and push them skillfully

to become aware of their limiting beliefs. Thank you, Liina, for doing what you do and helping us create more money for ourselves.

I recommend this workshop to everyone ready to deal with their money beliefs and create more abundance.”

Katrin Hinrikus, founder and leader of Täitsa Pekkis podcast

“Liina’s ability to go deep and help find the important places is impressive. No significant change happens overnight. Liina’s ability to help take the first step, which grows more significant over time, is worth every moment. I am very grateful to Liina.”

Taavi Larionov, IT entrepreneur

“I am happy that I just completed Liina’s coaching program. His rather direct, concrete, and systematic approach to the expected result. Motivation and clear tips for further steps are guaranteed.”

Tarmo Velsker PhD, Engineer, entrepreneur, investor

“It is easy to understand oneself and one’s capabilities when managing the line. It seems simple and understandable if you thought it was difficult for you to manage the money yourself after Liina’s training. I myself am on top of you with financial management, but training on money topics inspires me to do things differently, be simpler, and set the focus!”

Ellyt Talv, founder and manager of MySnack

“I adore training where the trainer shows you your bottlenecks. Look not comfortable. But it is essential. Money beliefs are closely related to other beliefs, such as your beliefs about your worth, your contribution, etc. Liina goes around the training room “with a mirror in her hand.” If you don’t like what is staring at you, you will learn what you need to change from the training. Liina’s training also reinforces that everyone is the maker of their happiness from a money perspective. Thank you for that, Liina!”

Kris Leinatamm, Inspiratsiooniraamatukogu OÜ


Yes, you can. To do this, fill in the cell name of the company, and the invoice will be issued to the company. And if you choose to pay in 4 installments, an invoice will be sent to the company’s name every month.

Live or real-life meetings all take place in Tallinn. Coaching and accountability meetings are virtual.

Departure takes place within Estonia. Where we will go out will be determined during negotiations with the group.

The excursion is with an overnight stay. We will have one dinner together. We plan a workshop according to the needs of the group.

Virtual meetings are held early in the morning every week. We discuss the steps we have taken or plan to take. During the one-hour meeting, we overview our activities and support each other.

Something in life always wants to distract you from growing your own success. This is why so many entrepreneurs still need to achieve what they want.

Situations in the family, moving to a new place, a fully booked schedule, or something else.

There will never be an ideal time, but we must take responsibility and move towards our goals. Make a decision! Choose to become a successful and satisfied entrepreneur despite an imperfect situation – because there are no ideal situations. And let’s face it, the best time to take responsibility for your success and well-being is ALWAYS NOW!

There are no obstacles; there are always solutions!

Let’s find these solutions together.