(My maiden name was Rukki, so don’t get confused :))

“Liina can make you see things in a different light. Under an angle you until now probably couldn’t or didn’t wish to see from.
Even the most simple thing that might have bothered you has gotten a second name for the problem. Learn to see things from a different angle and life changes.
Liina has given me a lot of courage and self-confidence to move towards my wishes. I am deeply grateful for having to have this experience.”

~ Triin Parro, personaalne treener / personal trainer

“In order to get to meet Liina, it took many things to happen, things that in the right moment brought me into an awesome and inspiring coaching.
I am very grateful for those coaching lessons and the knowledge I obtained from them that I can use for self-improvement.
A lot has been done and I have my life of working on my harmony ahead of me!”

~ Mariann Maasi “Oma inspireeriva elu looja” / “Own inspiring life creator” 🙂

“Coaching session whit Liina helped me to get a clear view of my feelings and wishes, and it directed me to change the way I thought. Liina was the one who gave me the push I needed to focus on my self-value and to love myself more. I am very grateful for the hours we spent together.”

~ Moonika Teppo, doktorant / doctorant

“I really liked the process, “how to figure out 5 most important passions in your life, and questions that help you to remind and enforce them daily.
How to stay focused and how to bring them into your life.”
I highly recommend it to everyone if you are looking for your passion – the result might surprise you.”

~ Külli Aas, enesearendaja / self improver 🙂

“Liina gave me clarity, empowerment, and positive energy. She inspired me with different techniques on how to work with my negative manners, and how to accomplish my goals. I enjoyed her personal examples and engaging stories. Thanks again!”

~Katre Laan, värbaja / recruiter

“I had heard of passion test before, but it took time before I got to get to do it – probably I needed to set the plow ready and wait for the right instructor. Thanks to the test, I got my belief back in my written off dreams and an even greater will to make my dreams into a hobby and work – road, that I am walking on, changed into way more clear and straight and my priorities came more clear in life. Thanks, Liina!”

~Ave-Stina (Udam)


The “Perfect Career” program can change your life if you want to and are ready for it. It’s not just ordinary career counseling that takes a short test and tells you that you have to hold the job. The program focuses on your natural being and nature on a completely different level. It is a thorough self-examination, and you will learn new things about yourself already during the answers. Liina will not give you a new job today, but she will open windows for you, the existence of which you knew nothing about. Having passed the program, I feel optimistic about the future. Now I can pay attention to other professions that I never knew before.
~ Keith Lemendik, youth worker

“Perfect Career” is an exciting image clarification program. It inspires action and teaches you to act in a way that is good for your soul. Suppose you are honest with yourself during the program and work deeply with the questions. In that case, it is guaranteed that you will get a clear direction, steps, and even a schedule for your activities.
Liina is an inspiring, caring, and professional coach with whom it is easy and fun to work!
~ Anni Vahter, entrepreneur

Liina’s coaching helped me visualize my life. Not that I hadn’t done it before, but in the reflection that Liina gave, I finally got UNDERSTANDING, while before I was just knowing.

~ Erkki Erend, IT Manager

The “Perfect Career” program will make you immerse yourself and your desires and dreams like never before. Through the program, I received confirmation of my insights and the courage to take action to fulfill my wishes and dreams.

~ Karolin Rillo

I was thrilled with the “Perfect Career” program because it made me look a lot into myself and better understand what I want to achieve professionally in this life. I discovered which are my natural strengths and what areas to invest my time in, etc. Liina is very supportive and present with her heart and a great inspiration to find her way.

~ Kirsika Peil, Head of Support Services

“Reading my human type and opportunities to achieve a life that brings me fulfillment, from a new angle, is a particularly inspiring and self-improving experience. The program provides encouragement and support to start working on what makes life more enjoyable. “

~ Ave Mägi, supervisor, psychology student

I’ve probably never looked so deep inside myself before. The program helped me find what I couldn’t decipher for myself.

~ Liina Roht

“The sooner you go through this program, the sooner you will reach your dreams!”

~ Birgit Lill, project manager

Through Liina’s coaching program, I gained a lot of confidence. His right questions opened windows he had never been able to see before. The motivation and tips received helped to restart the “engine of action.”

~ Liisi Kroon

The “Perfect Career” program helped me delve into myself, find my innate strengths, and better understand myself and my goals. The program results exceeded my expectations – I received specific recommendations that I would not have come up with myself.

~Valli Taru

“Thank you, this journey with you is challenging and exciting. I am still excited about where this way of life will take me through your feedback and cooperation with me 🙂 I really liked your self-confidence and knowledge of my strengths, even if I still doubt it 🙂 But you showed me the way so clearly. “

~ Eneli Markvart

“Perfect Career program is like a glimpse into your deep self – it helps to highlight everything that you already know inside but have not yet dared to admit to yourself. Sometimes such a reminder is needed to guide you to action. “

~ Crete Solnask, data analyst

“A good tool for the journey of getting to know yourself. Helps to become better self-clarified, broadens one’s vision and helps to discover one’s strengths and aspects that need to be developed.”
~ Merike Schults, specialist

“I got the courage to choose my right path. Don’t just think. Act with intuition.”
~ Jane Lepikov, recruiter

This test is not only for job seekers or people looking for the right job. This program is essential for anyone who doesn’t know what happens next and why I am not happy with my life. I was in search of that for years. My career no longer satisfied me. I was looking for answers I couldn’t describe myself. As a result of this program, you will get a new life for your hidden and repressed thoughts. You will be encouraged to open up to who you truly are. This program highlights your strengths and values. It gives a clearer picture of yourself and supports your further steps in creating your future. I am very grateful to Liina for creating this program. Liina’s skillful perception of seeing hidden limitations or hidden talents behind simple sentences is invaluable. Her life experience and commitment create a safe and supportive feeling during coaching. She opened the questions that seemed difficult to me, so simply and figuratively, that I wondered how I had not come up with them before. Thank you for the opportunity. I recommend it to everyone – at any stage of your life.

~ Elle Muuga, entrepreneur