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Elustiiliettevõtja, investor, coach ja koolitaja, kelle südameasjaks on aidata inimestel teha raha sellega, mis on neile südamelähedane. Meil kõigil oma missioon, millega maailma paremaks muuta ja millega omakorda ka luua endale elu, mida me sisimas soovime.

The difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneurial mindset

Lately, I had a conversation about the difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneurial mindset. In my mind, one can not take it as the same thing. One thing is the entrepreneurial mindset, but the different thing is to be an [...]

2021-12-07T16:59:56+02:00June 11, 2021|0 Comments

No matter what you do, you’re income level still stays on the same level?

I hear you. That is the main reason why I started to go so deep into myself. I am selling my company, building up a new one — company with a team, or self-employed - absolutely no difference in [...]

2021-12-07T16:58:58+02:00August 7, 2018|0 Comments


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