As an entrepreneur, you possess a drive like no other. You strive to excel in every aspect of your business, from serving your customers to taking charge of critical tasks. However, have you ever considered that your addictive emotions prevent your business growth?

In this article, I open up the concept of being addicted to your business and how it can prevent you from achieving your full potential. By understanding this phenomenon and making the necessary changes, you can break free from the addiction and set yourself up for remarkable success.

The Addictive Power of Your Business

In the entrepreneurial journey, it’s easy to become addicted to the emotional rewards that stem from your business. When your customers or employees praise your work, commend your achievements, or express gratitude for your services, it generates a powerful sense of love and validation. As human beings, we naturally crave this emotional connection and affirmation. Over time though, this addiction can become a barrier to growth and prevent you from reaching your business goals.

Unmasking the Addiction

To identify if you’re trapped in the cycle of addiction, ask yourself a fundamental question: Why do you do what you do? If your goals involve business growth and increasing revenue, but you find yourself stagnating, it’s crucial to acknowledge the possible addictive nature of your business. Often, entrepreneurs mistakenly prioritize the emotional rewards they receive from customers, partners, or employees over their growth and strategic thinking.

Delegation Dilemma

One common manifestation of addiction is the reluctance to delegate tasks to others. By keeping critical duties solely in your hands, you preserve the source of emotional gratification from customer praise, for example. However, this approach limits your ability to focus on more significant responsibilities that could drive your business forward. Recognize that solving every problem or personally attending to customer or employee needs hinders your potential to lead and expand.

Escaping the Addiction Trap

To break free from addiction and achieve sustainable growth, it’s crucial to shift your focus.

1. Start by evaluating the tasks you enjoy the most—the ones that give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

2. Examine if these activities are sources of addictive emotions.

3. Once you identify them, embrace the idea of delegating these tasks to capable individuals within your team or hiring new employees to handle these tasks.

Allowing others to handle these responsibilities creates opportunities for personal growth, business growth, innovation, and strategic thinking.

Embracing a Goal-Oriented Approach

Redirect your energy toward your business goals. Hold the bigger picture and focus on the emotions and satisfaction you will experience when you achieve your most significant objectives. By consciously working towards these goals and celebrating the milestones, you’ll find a more profound sense of fulfillment than the fleeting emotional rewards from addictive patterns.


Especially as a woman entrepreneur, it’s essential to recognize the potential trap of being addicted to your own business because we are so wired to be the “good girl” and constantly seek the emotional confirmation that we are the “good girl.”

By breaking free from the allure of addictive emotions, you can refocus your energy on strategic thinking, visioning, and delegating tasks. Embrace a goal-oriented approach that aligns with your long-term aspirations and empowers you to achieve greatness. Remember, true success lies in your ability to let go of addictive patterns and nurture a thriving business that serves both your ambitions and your customers’ needs.