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Discover your natural strengths and learn what do you need to have a fulfilling career.

I help people make money and bring successful career outcomes in an area that makes them happy and fulfilled.

Unfortunately, I have experienced that taking on the ever-increasing challenges of living the expected satisfying life does not produce the desired results. On the contrary, it has destructive power. By directing our vigorous energy into what we think could bring us the longed-for satisfaction, it can actually take us to the grave too early!

I was able to experience very painfully what it means to work in an excellent position, but which does not make my eyes shine to the end. In the end, it didn’t benefit the company I contributed to nor me.

Such unknowingly self-destructive behavior led me into devastating health issues and somewhat relationship challenges. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to understand my behavior and turned my life 180 degrees. I promised myself to follow my heart’s desires no matter what, which has brought me to a fulfilling career path using my uniqueness and powers to pursue my real potential.

Years of dealing with my own and others’ challenges have provided me with a toolkit to help people clarify their souls’ mission and make money with what they love to have a fulfilling, purposeful career and life.


“I’m happy that I used Liina’s coaching program. Her straightforward, concrete, and systemic approach will give the result you look for. Motivation and tips for the next steps are quarantined”

Tarmo Velsker PhD, Insener, entrepreneur and investor.

“Meeting Liina is one of the best things at the start of the path of self-discovery. Thanks to the conversations and questions she provided, I met my real self. In a hopeless situation, I got the self-confidence and motivation to take the right steps towards a satisfying life. Every person should have a coach like Liina”

Liina Veskimäe

Liina is an experienced coach, doing what the soul desires. Her experience and journey through her perfection have given her baggage to help others find their true journey and passion.

Maris Kaer, Profee Ltd. founder & owner

Each person deserves to live fulfilling life where you can achieve your true and highest potential. The coach who’s working with you has the best strategy to get you there.

Liina is warm, intelligent and experienced coach to work with. She has the ability to ask the right questions on right time and explain other point(s) of view elegantly.
Robert Sarv, Law Firm Emerald Legal, Entrepreneur